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The BIG City of LOVE

Sole Purpose is to Reach Those That Have Been Forgotten!

​Those That Have Been Abandoned!

And Those That Were Not Expected to Win! 

The BIG City of LOVE Doors Are Open to Anyone and Everyone!

The Big City Of Love main mission

is to spread love worldwide!

 2023 Children's Book Release 

The Adventures of Ronny in the City

Unleash Your Imagination with "Ronny in the City"! 🌟


Step into a world of adventure and excitement with the incredible story of Ronny in the City. 🏙️✨

Join Ronny on his thrilling journey as he navigates the bustling streets, unravels mysteries, and discovers the magic hidden within the city's heart. 🗺️🔍

Experience the adrenaline rush as Ronny faces challenges, makes new friends, and learns valuable life lessons along the way. 🌟💫

Get ready to be captivated by the vivid descriptions, gripping plot twists, and unforgettable characters that will transport you to a world of imagination. 📚✨

Whether you're a young reader seeking thrills or a parent looking for an engaging story to share, "Ronny in the City" is a must-have addition to your bookshelf. 📖🌈

Prepare for a wild ride filled with action, suspense, and heartfelt moments that will leave you inspired and eager for the next adventure. 🌠📚

Don't miss out on the chance to join Ronny on his epic quest. Grab your copy of "Ronny in the City" today and embark on a journey you won't soon forget! 🚀🌃✨

Ronny in the city children's books
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Who Am I?






Student of Life


Fitness Enthusiast

Motivational Influencer

Book Author

Self Made Business Man

Creator of my own Destiny

I Believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.

I'm not perfect and anyway!

A Man With a Positive Message Of Hope!

One of the keys to my success is the upbringing from my single mother. 'Without the mother there is no child, and without the child there is no growth. Without growth there is no greatness within".

The Big City Of Love
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I am an entrepreneur  who is constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges. No challenge is too big. I am motivated by difficult solutions and this drives me.

I want to extend to you an invitation to walk with me in my world – grab my hand and stroll with me as we touch other people in their daily walk and our daily walk.

I want to be a source of motivation for everyone. I want people to understand where I have came from and where I am today and what got me here.

As I walk through my day, I look for people who may need my help, or may just need a friend for that moment. It motivates me to motivate others.

Ron Spates - The Big City Of Love

 My goal is motivation for hope and greatness! 

Painting on a Huge Canvas


Change Your Mind-Set Change Your World

Program your mind to join me in the greatest adventure you will ever have, and that is having a positive mindset and applying it to your life and your day.

You will be exploring new horizons and reaching levels you never thought was possible. Possibilities will come at you from every direction. It’s like opening a new can and you just don’t know what will come out, but now you will be expecting the best.

I am a motivator and I want to give back to the world that has blessed me. My passion for life is full of energy and I have so much of this inside me, I have to release this upon you.

Expect the best today and every day.


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Ron Spates comes from Harlem New York where he got the main principles of life from his mother, who motivates him to this day.

Ron wears many hats and wears them well. Ron is a successful speaker. He has authored some of the finest creative books on the market today. Ron gets a vision that few will see and then puts thoughts to paper unlike any other author.

Ron may not be a pastor, but he will gladly share the word with anyone who will listen.

He has settled in Atlanta where opportunities seem to follow him. Ron is one person you will want to get to know.

Passion Led Us Here



Live: Live the life you have always wanted in the range of fulfillment 

Ron uniquely thinks about every day situations and how he can motivate others by following his thoughts. Much of his day is focused on the involvement he can be in others lives


Love: From the very first day of entering the city of love unconditional love will be filtered and experienced throughout your whole journey of love. 

Transforming Every Day
To Become a Better You!


Experience: This will be the most unimaginable experience you have ever had. You will be pampered and catered to every moment you are here.


Discover a New YOU!


Engage in a new journey of self-reflection, which involves the identification and close analysis of the inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and misunderstandings within your inner self. The process begins with a person’s sincere decision and willingness to accept their mistakes, then proceeds to the stage where one consistently transforms their perceptions about love, life, and the people around them. At this point, the individual begins to see the need to take responsibility for their actions and starts to do so gladly without coercion or a reminder from anybody.

The Big City Of Love main mission is to spread love worldwide!

Welcome to the Big City of Love! Our mission is to restore love worldwide through the transformative power of reflection, healing, self-love, and confidence. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on individuals from all walks of life, offering a range of resources and materials that inspire personal growth and foster a deep sense of love and fulfillment.


At the heart of our mission is the belief that love has the power to heal, transform, and uplift. Through reflection, we encourage individuals to look inward, examine their thoughts and emotions, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. This process of self-reflection allows for personal growth, helps uncover past wounds, and paves the way for healing and self-discovery.


In our quest to spread love, we provide resources that empower individuals to cultivate self-love and embrace their unique worth. Our collection of motivational self-help books offers guidance, practical tools, and insights to help navigate life's challenges, overcome obstacles, and develop a positive mindset. These books serve as companions on the journey of personal growth, inspiring readers to tap into their inner strength and unleash their full potential.


Additionally, we recognize the importance of nurturing love and positive values from an early age. Our captivating children's literature instills core principles of love, kindness, acceptance, and resilience. Through engaging stories and vibrant illustrations, we aim to cultivate a love for reading and provide children with empowering messages that shape their character and inspire them to become compassionate and confident individuals.


Join us on this transformative journey of personal growth and positive change. Explore our collection of motivational self-help books and children's literature, and discover the power of love within yourself. Embrace self-love, find inspiration, and ignite your motivation to create a more loving and fulfilling life.


Together, let us create a world where love reigns supreme. Join us in the Big City of Love and embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and positive change. Together, we can restore love worldwide and create a ripple effect of compassion, understanding, and unity.


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Happy Family
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The big city




The Big City Of Love

Ron Spates has transformed every day America into an exciting challenge for each person who follows his motivational techniques.

He has written a road map to success for every person regardless of income, race, location, or anything. He chooses to accept road blocks as challenges and he teaches you how to do the any in any of his books.

He invites you to join him today!

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Love Unconditionally and Never Stop Loving Life!

Image by Diana Simumpande

Live to Fulfill Every Dream With Unlimited Imagination Through Positive Energy

The Big City of Love - The City Of Healing

In The Big City of Love's expansive world, the tree of life is the source of the city's healing energy. It serves as an emergency room of sorts for broken hearts and all those who come to learn the true meaning of self-love. For the heartbreakers, there is The Courts of Love, a place where crimes of the heart are judged for their role in breaking the hearts of others.





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