Ron Spates

As a professional bodyguard, Ron Spates has over 17 years of experience when it comes to close protection, living by the motto “Safety First”. Add to this his prior military experience and the extensive personal protection certifications under his belt and you’ll find his qualifications very well hit the mark for executive protection and bodyguard services. From VIP protection and personal bodyguard services to event security and long-term assignments, Ron Spates is your guy.

Not only is Ron extremely professional and detail-oriented when it comes to his executive protection services, but he’s also licensed to serve internationally. With a results-driven approach as part of his methodology, he devises a personalized strategy for each client to ensure their safety.

Up until recently, Ron Spates was best known for his professional bodyguard services, enthusiasm for physical fitness, and a passion for business. With the launch of his first-ever novel The Big City of Love, he has also made his debut as an author and shown the world his creative side.

The Big City of Love is a product of more than 5 years of brainstorming and writing. Having worked on the narrative for over half a decade, Ron Spates has unleashed his observations, ideas, and reflections in this form of fiction-nonfiction genre. The book reintroduces Ron as a creative individual with a flair for human interactions and a deep understanding of how they experience love.

The Big City of Love

The Big City of Love is a story of love, heartbreak, and justice with an unusual spin. The “citizens” of this atypical city meet in the Court of Justice where they’re judged by all those who they’ve hurt. What follows is a captivating plot revolving around healing, happiness, and redemption.

The Big City of Love tells the story of a city like no other. It’ll change the way you perceive love and compel you to reflect upon your actions and the impact they have on those around you. Ron Spates’ labor of love introduces readers to the many possibilities of love and awakens their self-reflection abilities.