The Big City of Love

The Big City of Love reveals the true meaning of love in a unique and interesting manner. Combining fiction with nonfiction, Ron Spates presents a story inspired by everyday encounters and observations based on love, loss, heartbreak, and healing. Readers are introduced to several characters, each with their own struggles and journeys.

There’s the story of the Honorable Judge Adam, a sixty-year-old wealthy man, who married his twenty-year-old secretary after falling deeply in love with her. Unbeknownst to him, his wife continues to lie, cheat, and even steal throughout their marriage, hurting him deeply when he finds out.

Then there’s the story of Tracy, a twenty-eight-year-old school teacher, who has had a string of unsuccessful relationships that has almost made her give up on the idea of true love. An exotic dancer by night, Tracy struggles to juggle her two jobs and many short-lived relationships to find a balance in this world.

Next, you have Tammy; a widow who is searching for the real meaning of love. Mother to three kids, she struggles to find love again after a history of trauma and loss.

The story also includes the journey of a bisexual woman named Star, who has been married to her husband for 15 years. A doctor by profession, she’s in love with a woman named Princess and has been cheating on him for quite some time. Little does she know, though, that her husband has also been having an affair with Princess, making a complicated love triangle.

Jimmy is a sugar daddy who enjoys pursuing conventionally attractive women. While he appears to be tough and macho with his excessive spending and lavish gifts, he too is looking to find true love.

Finally, T.J. is a thirty-year-old celebrity who jokes about settling down but is actually very non-committal about his relationships. With a reputation as “the player,” he has a sarcastic and selfish attitude about love itself.    

In The Big City of Love, they experience self-reflection, healing, happiness, confidence, and of course, love, once again. In this dome-like Court of Love, they’re provided unconditional love that helps them live a life of fulfillment and have unimaginable experiences. The Big City of Love is where broken hearts are healed and heart breakers are held accountable. How does this enthralling narrative unfold? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

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Why You Need to
Read This Book

The Big City of Love does more than tell a story of fictional characters. It also compels the readers to reflect upon their own actions and interactions and reshape the way they perceive love.

You can only achieve a deeper understanding of your own personal life and the values you foster if you’re honest with yourself. Self-reflection allows for this burst of honesty and shows you what you can improve about yourself to be able to achieve your goals. By holding yourself accountable, you can see where you’ve been at fault in your relationships and find ways to improve.

The Big City of Love helps readers do just that. It shows readers the different values people embody, and how those can clash with one another. More than that, it gives readers a better perspective on how relationships can be strengthened and weakened while simultaneously altering the way they think of love in the first place.

An irresistible book, The Big City of Love is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re currently in a relationship, are recovering from heartbreak, or are single, you won’t be disappointed with what this book has to offer!