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Change Your Mind-Set Change Your World

Program your mind to join me in the greatest adventure you will ever have, and that is having a positive mindset and applying it to your life and your day.

You will be exploring new horizons and reaching levels you never thought was possible. Possibilities will come at you from every direction. It’s like opening a new can and you just don’t know what will come out, but now you will be expecting the best.

I am a motivator and I want to give back to the world that has blessed me. My passion for life is full of energy and I have so much of this inside me, I have to release this upon you.

Expect the best today and every day.


Ron Spates

Ron Spates comes from Harlem New York where he got the main principles of life from his mother, who motivates him to this day.

Ron wears many hats and wears them well. Ron is a successful speaker. He has authored some of the finest creative books on the market today. Ron gets a vision that few will see and then puts thoughts to paper unlike any other author.

Ron may not be a pastor, but he will gladly share the word with anyone who will listen.

He has settled in Atlanta where opportunities seem to follow him. Ron is one person you will want to get to know.

The big city


Image by Guzz Alkala

good Karma:
When you behave kindly, this is an example of a situation where you earn good karma that will result in good things happening to you in the future.


The law of creation

The Big City of Love gave people with broken hearts a renewing spirit and understanding ultimately leading to

self-love, which allowed them to confidently love again and led them

to the greatest path to greatness.

Ron Spates has transformed every day America into an exciting challenge for each person who follows his motivational techniques.


He has written a road map to success for every person regardless of income, race, location, or anything.


He chooses to accept road blocks as challenges and he teaches you how to do the any in any of his books.


He invites you to join him today!

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