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Ron Spates book - The big city of love

The Big City Of Love

The real meaning of love is still a mystery for many people and this book “The Big City of Love” is going to reveal it in an interesting manner. The story is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction leading towards the distant city of love. The story revolves around different characters. Some mysterious ways are elaborated that might lead you to The Big City of Love. The court of the City of love has unique rules and broken hearts are healed there. 

Ron Spates book -  From a broken boy to a confident man

The Motivator Within

This book outlines ways you can learn and apply self-motivational skills through any situation. This book is a road map to your success in any area you choose. This book tells you through examples that success is a choice and not a result. We guarantee success if you follow the principles outlined for you in this book

Ron Spates book - People language

People Language

Do you really know your friends? Maybe you do. Learn to read them and their signals using my system of People Language. This method evaluates people with everything except their words.

Ron Spates book - God is lstening God is watching

God is Listening God is Watching 

This book summarizes the relationship God has with all His people and He is aware of all things that you say and do. God is our ever present help. You cannot escape God as He is with you for the entire ride of life

new book

May 1st 2023 Book Release

Bodyguard for Hire - The Mindset of Greatness

Screen Shot 2023-04-07 at 12.40.07 PM.png

Throughout my life, I have worn many hats, but more than anything else, I want to reach out to those who have been forgotten, those who have been abandoned, and those who were never expected to win. My zeal for life ignites a fire that radiates energy that I cannot help but share with everyone around me. I am a true motivator at heart, with an unwavering dedication to positively impacting the world that has showered me with blessings.

Image by Guzz Alkala

Ron Spates has transformed every day America into an exciting challenge for each person who follows his motivational techniques.


He has written a road map to success for every person regardless of income, race, location, or anything.


He chooses to accept road blocks as challenges and he teaches you how to do the any in any of his books.


He invites you to join him today!

Discover a
New YOU!

Engage in a new journey of self-reflection, which involves the identification and close analysis of the inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and misunderstandings within your inner self. The process begins with a person’s sincere decision and willingness to accept their mistakes, then proceeds to the stage where one consistently transforms their perceptions about love, life, and the people around them. At this point, the individual begins to see the need to take responsibility for their actions and starts to do so gladly without coercion or a reminder from anybody.

Ron spates
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