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About the Author
Ron Spates

Ron Spates

Ron Spates is a motivational influencer and a writer whose ideas and beliefs have inspired and led many of his readers towards positive change. His prose is filled with exceptional teachings on spiritual fulfillment and personal growth strategies designed to instill in his audience the desire for goal achievement and belief in oneself. Ron believes that spirituality combined with personal commitment is a powerful tool that bestows success. He is a self-motivated individual who has faith in the experience and discipline acquired through trials and tribulations because they strengthen one’s resolve to overcome everyday challenges. From his first book and now working on the process of completing the 4th one, Ron believes that one day he will attain his dream of publishing 100 books under his name. His past work experience in roles such as restaurant management, security operations, business owner, professional bodyguard, book author, and motivational speaker has allowed him to interact with many and learn some of the emotional and psychological problems people face in life. He has acquired the knowledge and training to understand people’s challenges and show compassion and motivate people who feel forgotten and neglected. He helps those who never expected to win in life to change their beliefs and follow a new path that assures them success. For Ron, helping people turn their lives around is a noble task from which he derives satisfaction. His interests include working out, cooking, writing, motivating others, traveling, hosting, and sharing his motivational knowledge with people who need hope.

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